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Jennifer Miller
Midlothian, VA

(804) 484-2785


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Just an update to the "About Us" page.  When I "happened upon" Chloe in Oriental, NC
in July of 2006, she was a 10-month old tri-colored Rat Terrier in need of a new home.
I was immediately smitten with her endearing ways.  She mixed well with Sparkie and
Bump, and they soon became The Three Amigos.  She's a quirky, funny and lovey little
girl with lots of personality.  She's an amusing mixture of spunk and laziness.
A.K.A. Clo Clo, Loco Cholo and Little Miss Sassy Pants.

We sadly lost our best buddy Sparkie on 12/31/08 to bladder cancer (TCC).  
Bump and Clo have taken it upon themselves to make sure that I still have plenty to
smile about everyday.  I am beyond grateful for them and will always treasure all of the
memories from the years that Sparkie was here with us.