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About the Owner of A Dog's Life Pet Care
Hi, my name is Jennifer Miller, and I am the owner, pet sitter,
dog walker, pet taxi driver and poop scooper for
A Dog's Life
Pet Care.  
Since I am asking for your trust regarding some of  
the most important parts of your life, your pets and your home,
you would probably like to know a little something about me.  I
have always had much love, respect and compassion for our
fellow four-legged companions, as well as all other animals.  
After graduating from JMU, I worked for awhile at a local
animal hospital.  During my time working there, a spunky
five-month old Rat Terrier named "Sparkie" was dropped off.  
We quickly bonded, and he soon went home with me.  He
was an "only dog" for seven years, and then one day my
husband and I stopped by the local humane society and
adopted a very good-natured adult shepherd/lab mix named
"Jesse."  The unlikely pair got along great from the first time
they met and have been best buddies ever since.  

After ten years of working in the corporate world, I was feeling
frustrated and unfulfilled.  I decided it was time to make a
major career change.  That's when I made the decision to do
something that I would
truly enjoy on a daily basis.  I realized
that I should have thought about becoming a professional pet
sitter/dog walker a long time ago.  Along with my love of
animals, I knew that I had the necessary work ethics and  
high level of responsibility, reliability and trustworthiness that
would enable me to provide a very beneficial service for pet
owners like myself.  As a bonus, I also get to spend more
time with my own pets, and I get to enjoy the great outdoors
much more than I ever did working in an office.

I know how difficult it can be to find someone that you trust
enough to take care of your beloved pets.  While my husband
and I were commuting downtown to work everyday, we were
very fortunate to have a good friend/neighbor who was kind
enough and willing to let our dogs out for midday breaks.  My
husband and I often take our two dogs with us on vacations,
because we usually go camping or obtain dog-friendly
lodging, but there have been a couple of times when we have
been flying out-of-state and were not able to take them along
with us.  Luckily, we have had the assistance of family and
close friends to care for our pets when we couldn't be at
home with them or take them with us, but not everyone has
the benefit of that convenience.

Being the sole owner and operator of
A Dog's Life Pet Care,
I know for certain that your pets will receive the same kind of
care and attention that I give to my own pets.  When you
contact me for services, I will be the only one providing that
service for you.  In our household, our dogs are treated as
family.  If you have taken the time to contact me for service,
then you probably feel the same way about your pets.  Please
know that your pets will be treated with the utmost kindness
and consideration.  I realize some pets may feel a bit timid or
apprehensive at first having a stranger come into their home,
but I know that once they realize my good intentions, they will
warm up to me and actually look forward to my visits.  
Whether you are in need of daily/midday care for your pets,
periodic vacation/business trip pet care, or pet transportation
to a vet/groomer, please consider contacting
A Dog's Life Pet
Thank you!!
About My Pets
As I mentioned previously, I
currently have two very special
canine companions in my life.
They each definitely have their
own unique personality!  No
matter what kind of day I might
be having, I can always count
on my dogs to bring a smile to
my face and make me laugh!

Around our house,  I am
known as "The Big Dog
Mama,"  because the dogs
follow me
everywhere and are
constantly trying to anticipate
my next move.  Sparkie a.k.a.
Stinksteroo has been my
sidekick for 12 years now, and
I think he can practically read
my mind!  Sparkie is a typical
strong-willed Rat Terrier who
is intelligent and inquisitive,
and quite persistent!  He often
communicates with us
through snorts, huffs, and a
few other unusual noises!  
Jesse a.k.a. Big Bumperoo
has been with our family for
five years now and is an
easy-going love hound who
is just a big sleepy head
wanting lots of affection.  He
is also a big bread hound.  
Even his floppy ear stands up
straight when he thinks he
just might get a few small  
nibbles of bread!

Walk, ride, park, and treat are
their favorite words and don't
dare even whisper one of
those words unless you really
mean it!  These two quirky
canines truly lead "a dog's
life" and love every minute of it!
Every evening, they anxiously
await our 2 to 3-mile journey
through the neighborhood.  
This nightly ritual never loses
its thrill for them!  Of course,
going to the park is an even
bigger ordeal that gets them
quite worked up with
anticipation and excitement!

As you have probably
gathered from all of the
photos on my website, my
pets play a major role in my
life.  They provide much joy,
companionship, and
unconditional love.  In return, I
just want their lives to be fun
and full of all the things that
dogs enjoy the most.