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Whether you are going on vacation, taking a trip for business, or
commuting to work everyday and are unable to tend to your pets,
A Dog's Life provides in-home pet care when you are not there.  
We are available for pet sitting and dog walking seven days a
week, including all major holidays, from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
"Providing Personalized Pet Care When You Can't Be There"
Thank you for visiting A Dog's Life Pet Care!  We are available
365 days of the year to provide for your various pet care needs.
For your convenience, we offer the following services:
Pet Sitting
A Dog's Life Pet Care
Located in Midlothian, Virginia

Jennifer Miller
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There are many benefits to hiring a professional pet sitter when
you are going to be away from home for extended time periods.

Pets remain in their familiar environment
Pets are able to follow their daily routine
Pets avoid exposure to possible illnesses
Pets receive personalized and individual attention
Pets checked for any medical issues/behavior changes
Less stress for pets (and for their human companions!)
No travel/transportation trauma for pets
No imposition on family, friends and/or neighbors
Visitation log (emailed status report, if requested)

Pet sitting visits include the following for your pets:

Provide fresh food, water and treats
Potty breaks and exercise (walks and/or playtime)
Give medications, vitamins, supplements, etc.
       (no manually administered pills or injections for cats)
Light grooming (brushing and combing)
LOTS of attention and affection!!!

While you are away, the following home care/security checks will be performed as part of the scheduled pet sitting visits:

Bring in mail/newspapers/packages
Adjust drapes and lights/alternate blinds
Water indoor houseplants
Adjust TV/radio for your pets, if requested
Look for any indoor pet accidents, clean as needed
Take trash can/recycling bin out to curb
Check doors/windows/appliances
Daily overall security check of property

For those of you that have a long commute to work everyday or you are away from home for lengthy periods of time each day,
we provide daily dog walk or daily potty break visits for your pets.
(currently unavailable service)
Daily dog walk visits include the following:

Provide fresh water and food/treats, if requested
Dogs walked on leash around your neighborhood, or
Dogs exercised in fenced area (on-leash, if no fence)
During inclement weather, dogs will be let out for a quick
potty break and will get indoor exercise/play time

Daily potty break/play visits include the following:

Provide fresh water and food/treats, if requested
Dogs get a potty break in fenced area or on-leash
Dogs get exercise/play time in fenced area, on-leash    
or indoors, during inclement weather, or if preferred

Please browse our website for more detailed information about
A Dog's Life Pet Care and the services we can provide for you.  
Thank you again for taking the time to visit our website and for
considering us as a future pet care provider!!!
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of my best friend
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